Ottorino Stefanini

Ottorino Stefanini was born the 8th of September 1954 in Rome.
After graduating at  the High School of Art in Rome he began to work with different photo labs in the publicity  and in the cinema field of the capital. In 1979 he attended the Art Academy of Viterbo near Rome. In the same year he exhibited for the first time his works of art. After a long period of research and experimentation  in 2001 he returned to his old style, the canvas, to develop and express the different  experiences, gained in  the past. And 2005 was definitively the artistic
maturity  of his work.
The several art critics awards and the public interest motivated him to continue and to reach new artistic  expressions.
Stefanini is a contemporary artist and his work represents in a simple way, clearly and cruelly the  uncertainties, contradictions and fears that characterize this complex and articulated historical  period.

Artist works