Sara Montani

Sara Montani is an artist born in Milan. A graduate from Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, she has taught Artistic Education and painting subjects in middle school and holds training for young people. She has had a long and diverse career that has seen her participate in festivals, cultural events, competitions, and award ceremonies.

Sara Montani loves experimenting, and approaches different techniques; from painting to photography, from sculpture to installation, or incision.
The matter is fundamental to understanding the concept she wishes to express in the work.
Her "mono-prints" are collages of papers, fabrics, lace, resins, glues, and stucco. The surface of the image is moved, and gives a sense of dynamism and thickness. The vision of thickness becomes emotionally deep because the artist invites the viewer to reflect, to look for the dialogue between matter and idea.

Sara Montani was born in Milan, where she graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti (The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera). Since 1970 Her works have been exposed in many personal and collective exhibition in Italy and abroad and she received awards and nominations. These include Premio Arte Mondadori in 1994.
She prefers to create thematic paths, using different expression techniques, from painting to photography, engraving, sculpture and installation. She organizes training activities, particularly focusing on young people and events curation, exhibitions and socio-cultural events. As Montani Association artistic director, in 1999 she invented the school's training project in etching, today still in use.
To bring art to children in 2012 Sara Montani starts La Galleria delle Lavagne, an exhibition space for artists, in an elementary school in Milan.
Her works are part of private collections, museums and public institutions in Italy, France, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, USA, Poland, China.

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